*Antioxidant Pack

$22.40 $20.00

✓ Baked, Not Fried

✓ Rich in Anthocyanins

✓ Low in Fat

✓ No Artificials

✓ Lower in Calories

✓ No Preservatives

Ignite your senses with this luxuriously hued noodle that’s every bit as good as it looks. Its purple hue is due to the Anthocyanins found in purple corn grain, which is naturally preserved through our steam and slow-bake process and is tested to contain twice the antioxidants of most fruits and vegetables.


  1. Open lid halfway. Empty seasoning & vegetable sachets into cup.
  2. Add 350ml of boiling water or fill to the line.
  3. Close lid for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Mix well and serve.