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3 Delicious Dinner Ideas for Instant Noodle Enthusiasts

Everybody likes to eat good food. And KOKA noodles hit the trifecta of being healthy, quick and delicious! How many times a day do you crave a pack of instant noodles but hesitate? With KOKA, not only can you prepare them easily, but you can also make them super nutritious. It’s time to satiate that craving with these delicious dinner ideas.

Each noodle recipe is paired with the perfect flavour that comes with the noodles. And the best part is that these recipes can be found in our brand new KOKA Recipe eBook ! It’s time to get cookin’!


  • Umami Stir-Fry Noodles with Mushroom & Broccoli

This game-changing dish uses KOKA Signature Stir-fry Original Noodles. This is the perfect vegan option for health-conscious people trying to satisfy their KOKA noodle cravings. These stir-fry noodles tick all the boxes, from flavour and texture to health benefits and ease of preparation. With just a 10-minute cooking time, you can indulge in a quick and healthy meal, morning, noon or night.

  • Vegan Buddha Bowl Noodles

This colourful bowl of noodles is a true dish to eat with your eyes first. To be made with our KOKA Purple Wheat Soy and Vinegar Noodles, this dish is not only refreshingly different, but also very easy-to-make and pocket-friendly. With healthy fats, quality carbohydrates, low sodium and great texture variety, you can enjoy a well-balanced meal while quenching your thirst for your instant noodle fix.

  • Spicy Clam Noodles

This dish is a spin on the classic seafood pasta dish. Featuring KOKA Delight Chicken Noodles, this unique variation to chicken noodles is a feast to look at and taste. The clams add an infusion of flavour, making this noodle dish an ideal dinner delicacy.

These three dishes will satiate your appetite for KOKA noodles in an instant. Pair these with your favourite drink, or top these with condiments that your kids love and turn these dishes into a family dinner! Either way, you won’t be disappointed!

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