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10 Signs that Say You’re a Fan of Instant Noodles

You. Yes you, right there. You have just arrived at our ultimate challenge! You’re about to find out if you’re a true connoisseur of instant noodles or not though the Put A Finger Down Challenge: Instant Noodle Edition.

There are people who like to eat instant noodles once in a while because they don’t feel like cooking – or because they are still depressed about their favourite K-drama coming to an end (who isn’t) – but there’s a difference between them and true instant noodle nutters. The latter doesn’t care what society says about them. They will have their instant noodles, no matter what. Let’s find out if you’re one of them.


Time to lift all your fingers and find out if you’re a true instant noodle nutter or not.

1. Put a finger down if you’ve had instant noodles everyday for a week

2. Put a finger down if you’ve cooked instant noodles alone so you didn’t have to share

3. Put a finger down if don’t follow the cooking instructions because you find your way to enjoy better

4. Put a finger down if you’ve licked the empty seasoning pack clean before throwing it away

5. Put a finger down if you’ve tried every new flavour as soon as it was launched

6. Put a finger down if instant noodles are always part of the menu at your parties

7. Put a finger down if you’ve experimented with different instant noodle recipes

8. Put a finger down if you always throw in a pack (or five) whenever you go grocery shopping

9. Put a finger down if you’re known among your friends as the instant noodle lover

10. Put a finger down if you’ve actually served instant noodles on a date

Bonus point: Put a finger down if you’re eating instant noodles while reading this.

If you’re punching your closed fist in the air right now, it’s because you have passed the challenge! You are a true instant noodle nutter. Your friends and family know it, and now you do too. As a bonus, you get to check out our new KOKA Recipe eBook which has some delicious, instant noodle recipes that you can slurp up with the people you want to share them with (there aren’t many).

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