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Make Your Family Time Fun and Playful with These Instant Noodle Challenges

Quality time with family is something we all need. It’s why we wait for the weekend so that the whole family can come together and do fun stuff like go out shopping or sightseeing, or maybe even stay indoors and watch TV or play games. Bonding times like these are essential.

We understand that and have always tried our very best to support family fun times, especially if it’s done with instant noodles. Which is why we recommend these 3 amazing instant noodle challenges to kick up your family funtime a notch! Try these challenges whenever you and your family plan to have KOKA noodles.


Here are the 3 instant noodle challenges for you and your family to bond over:

Single Stick Noodle Challenge

Apart from being mad fun to play, this challenge is quite aptly described: challenging. All family members are supposed to pick up their instant noodles and transfer it to another bowl with only one chopstick. Easy enough? But here comes the catch: they have to hold one chopstick with their mouth. Each person gets 30 seconds to pick up as many noodles as possible and put them in another bowl. And obviously, spilled noodles do not count. At the end, the person with the most amount of noodles in their 2nd bowl wins. Lunch just got a bit of a playful kick!

The Flavour Challenge

This challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Every family member who is participating has to guess which KOKA Noodles flavour they are eating. The idea is to prepare 3 or more different flavours of KOKA Noodles. The one who is preparing will obviously not participate, but they can join in the fun by confusing the participants and making it harder for them to guess. The participants get 3 guesses for each bowl in front of them, and they can only take a single bite out of the bowl before they make their guesses. Blindfold the participants for added difficulty. This challenge will bring out the masterchef in you.

Noodle Tower Challenge

This challenge is not a test of your eating ability, but how steadfast and patient you are with your chopsticks. Here, participants have to use their chopsticks to swirl the noodles and create a stack as high as possible – a noodle tower if you will. But RULE ALERT! The tower should hold itself without collapsing for 5 seconds. The person with the highest tower that holds itself for more than 5 seconds wins.

Whichever one you choose to go with, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun bonding time with your family. Get different flavours of KOKA noodles for any of these challenges and the winner can have first pick from the prepared flavours!

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