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Get Bougie with KOKA

Instant noodles are a happy food i.e. they bring you happiness when you eat them. That can be in any shape or form, but at the end of the bowl, you feel satisfied and happier than you were before. But no matter how amazing instant noodles are, they are not known for their looks. We wanted to change that!

Hence, we came up with the #GetBougieWithKOKA campaign. The objective: uplift your instant noodles to look as stunningly professional as possible. After you’re done, your preparation should be indistinguishable from a Michelin star restaurant dish. The whole idea is to showcase that something as “everyday” as instant noodles can be made to look amazing on a plate (or a bowl) without breaking the bank or sweat.

So how did we execute this task?

KOL Campaign

Yes! We worked with some amazing and popular Singaporean TikTokers to get this done. TikTok seemed like the right choice as it’s designed to inspire other people to try out new trends.

We worked with food content creators Engel and Alderic, and asked them to #GetBougieWithKOKA.

The result: marvelous. They created their own noodle recipes with KOKA products and made them look like they were fine dining dishes.

We also connected with Anna and Nicole, popular TikTok personalities from Night Owl Cinematics. Both of them showcased their own versions of classy KOKA noodles. Even though they aren’t really expert chefs, they served up a masterclass on how easy it is to create professional-looking and tasty food with KOKA noodles, and they did that with simple ingredients that you can easily find around your kitchen.

While the noodles look and taste good, they are also super healthy. The KOLs were asked to work with KOKA’s purple wheat noodles, one of our healthiest and tastiest products, to promote healthy eating practices.

The bottom line for this entire campaign is to make people understand that instant noodles aren’t just a commonplace food item. They can be classy too, as demonstrated by our 4 beloved KOLs above. And the best part is you can do it too. Post your elevated version of KOKA noodles with the hashtag #GetBougieWithKOKA. You can also take recipe inspiration from our latest KOKA Recipe eBook.

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