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Singapore’s melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian and several other ethnicities, serves up a rich cultural diversity that extends into its people’s all-consuming passion for good food. The search for innovative ways of preparing favourite dishes never ceases to amaze.

The island nation’s multi-ethnicity and hence, diverse cuisines have given rise to a slew of Singapore signatures. Each culture’s cuisine, with its respective roots in its use of various spices and aromatics, has, in turn, lent itself to inventive food ideas. Chilli crab, as well as black pepper crab, are two quintessential dishes that are firm favourites of local and international foodies.

Singaporeans are certainly not novices when it comes to spicy foods, and the search for the next level of spiciness is almost an obsession. Needless to say, the heady, aromatic mala (which translates to ‘numbingly spicy’), which dropped on our shores a few years ago has a steady following of almost cult status. You’ll find mala in almost any food. And of course, instant noodles. Think: KOKA’s delicious baked multigrain noodles, which comes in the brand-new Hot Mala Tofu flavour, together with two other innovative flavours: Pepper Crab and Five Spiced Duck.

This popular made-in-Singapore instant noodle brand, which focuses on health and wellness, has up the game with its latest Baked Multigrain Cup Noodle, a unique product that’s low in fat and lower in sodium, and 100% baked – not fried – without the use of oil.

The noodles are made from whole grains – whole purple corn, whole oats and whole wheat – that are a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fibre. Thanks to the anthocyanins in purple corn, a superfood originating from the coastal area of Peru, the product is rich in antioxidants. And there’s no MSG, artificial colouring, or preservatives. Just quality ingredients in eco-friendly cups made from bamboo fibre.

Those at home can be creative with toppings of your choice. Try adding a handful of fresh greens, your favourite seafood, or seaweed flakes for an umami punch. For a touch of fusion, consider adding grated cheese to the noodles for another flavoured nuance to this almost irreplaceable taste.

The health-conscious will be glad to know that Singapore’s first and only multigrain cup noodles with a higher whole grain content are endorsed by Singapore Health Promotion Board as a Healthier Choice product. The brand’s Purple Wheat Noodle has also won the Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology (SIFST) 2009 Food Product Innovation Award.

Founded in 1986, KOKA aims to preserve the authenticity and richness of Singaporean flavours through its wide range of products and deliver this experience to its customers around the world.

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